Why work with Brazilian Influencers?

Postado em: 16/10/2017

Why Should You Work with Brazilian Influencers


Population of USA is 324,118,787 people. In 2016, over 286 million people used the internet or 88.5% of the population. This market can be perceived as already mature and strongly penetrated. In 2016, about 3 million people started using the Internet (increase of 1.1% YoY).

When it comes to Brazil, with 209,567,920 inhabitants, 66.4% are Internet Users (about 139 million people). Statistics show that Internet is booming in Brazil. In 2016, 6,753,879 new people became Internet users. That’s a change of 5.1%, over previous year. Web marketplace is developing in Brazil, and stats show that the growth will be continued in future years.


New Media


It is not a coincidence, that large social media platforms are still adjusting to new customer behavior patterns, following changes in their video content formats. 78% internet users in the USA and 75% in Brazil are video content consumers.

The most popular video platform – YouTube, aggregates about 167.4 million people in the United States, of which 58% are active monthly users.  When it comes to Brazil, there are 69.5 million active monthly users or 50%.

As of 2016, Instagram accumulated 88,48 million users in the USA.  As per Facebook Insights, in Brazil ~45 million people use Instagram.  Such growth is possible because most people link their Instagram with Facebook account (80%). It is hardly surprising, that these people access Instagram 9 times per day on average. 51% of Instagrammers in Brazil say they can’t imagine a day without accessing the platform. 59% of people surveyed in Brazil say they’ve discovered brands or products on Instagram. 8 in 10 people surveyed in Brazil say they are inspired by Instagram to take an action. 55% of travelers in Brazil say they were encouraged by Instagram. 2 in 5 people surveyed in Brazil say they’ve made a purchase inspired by Instagram. What is more, in Brazil, 85% of auto buyers say they use Facebook and Instagram for research purposes.


Why Brazil is better, when it comes to influencer marketing?

Gabi Luthai is a singer and Brazilian digital influencer



50% of Brazilians post content online. Over 55% of Brazilian people often show other people how to do things online. What is more interesting, as per research provided by Google, Brazilians seem to be more digitally-savvy than Americas.


Investing in digital influencers in Brazil is more effective than TV advertising. A study by ProXXima stipulates, that we are already at the point where content provided by Brazilian online influencers (YouTube, Instagram, blogs) generate better economic outcomes than a 30 second TV spot (and at a lower cost). In 2019, digital advertising will reach 36% of advertising market, whereas television will drop to 30%.

Another advantage of Influencers in Brazil is Brazilian culture. Collectivism is a major driver of social media in the country. In Brazil people are integrated into strong groups since birth. It is natural for Brazilians to protect and support people in their circle (no matter what). Loyalty is one of the most important virtues. For Brazilian influencers (and people in general) it is important to build up strong and long-lasting relationship with their fans. In return, fans provide their “gurus” with subs and interactions. This is why in Brazil:

  • 74% of consumers rely on social media to make purchasing decisions.
  • 27% use social media to research products.
  • 91% of purchases are influenced by word of mouth
  • 85% of decision makers depend on trusted online communities to conduct research on business technology
  • Word-of-mouth amplifies the results of paid campaigns by at least 15%
  • 84% of consumers make purchasing decisions on the basis of trusted opinion from influencers over other forms of advertising
  • Brands plan to increase their investment on online influencers by 30% in 2016

The most efficient content in social media is content which conveys emotion, and Brazilian people are masters at it. Brazilians have a positive attitude, full of optimism. This helps Brazilian influencers grow their followers at such an accelerated pace.


Per Google 70% of Brazilians visit social networks and 60% watch online videos at least weekly (only 43% visit social networks and 39% watch online videos in the USA).


User Engagement


Brazilians interact online more often than people from the United States. An average Brazilian likes 2 pages, gives 13 comments, likes 21 and shares 3 posts every month. In USA – likes 1 page, gives only 8 comments, 12 likes and 2 shares. Activity on social media in the USA is less frequent by over 29%. When it comes to ads-clicked  and promotions redeemed – is the same in both countries (15 for ads clicked and 1 for promotions). However, advertising in Brazil is much cheaper than USA. For the same amount of money in the United States, you can reach two or three times more people in Brazil.


An important factor, showing influence of social media platforms on its users is Engagement Rate. Engagement rate is a percentage ratio between number of interactions (likes, dislikes, comments etc.) and followers (subscribers) of a particular profile.

According to influence.co, total number of top Instagram influencers in the United States is 4,871, whereas in Brazil 310. Average number of engagement rate is respectively 3,465 and 3,425. The difference in engagement rate, between Brazil and the United States is not that large. Average cost per Instagram post is 193,49 USD in USA and 174,47 USD in Brazil.



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