About incast

inCast works with brands to create effective influencer marketing strategies. We work with the company’s specific budget and KPI’s to boost brand awareness, improve engagement, and increase conversions with the best ROI.


We have worked with global brands in the USA, Brazil, China, and Europe. Some of our clients include BMW, Samsung, Herbalife, Amazon Méliuz, TikTok, Flipagram, Vigo Video, DogHero, Visa, McMaciarison, PepsiCo e Heineken, Ubisoft (Video Games).


This year we collaborated with over 2,500 micro influencers and content creators from Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook including these verticals: beauty, pets, food, fitness, and games. In the US, we recently had the opportunity of working with Patrick Starrr, Nicol Concilio, Raye Boyce, Food God, Preppy Kitchen, Tony Hawk, Jullian Michaels, Kelly Oubre, Laurie Hernandez, Jiff Pom, Tunameltsmyheart, Nala Cat, Marnie the Dog. Our most recent campaign generated over 45M followers and 15M unique views in only 5 days.


We’ve worked with Chinese companies in various influencer marketing projects in the Brazilian Market with top digital influencers including: Ivete Sangalo, Whindersson Nunes, Tirulipa,  Felipe Neto, Luccas Neto, Kefera, Manual do Mundo, João Guilherme, Raissa Chaddad, Lucas Rangel, Maria Venture, Flavia Calina, Lucas Lira, Kim RosaCuca, Wendell Lira, Lore Improta, Ludmilla, Cleo Pires, Murilo Couto , Paolla Oliveira, Nina Secrets, Nego do Borel, MC Pedrinho, MC Don Juan on various campaigns adding up to 120M followers.


By partnering with inCast, you will receive recommendations of the most effective social media strategies and a list of the best key opinion leaders (KOL’s) who can create premium content and communicate your brand’s message to your target audience. We will help develop your campaign by choosing a creative tone of voice, selecting the talents, managing the content deliverables, monitoring the KPIs (key performance indicators), and providing a complete performance report.